Routldedge-Sempre Book Series

In addition to our two journals, Psychology of Music and Research Studies in Music Education, Sempre has signed an agreement with Routledge to promote the latest research to a wider audience on popular topical themes under the heading Sempre Studies in the Psychology of Music, the first such series of its type internationally.

The theme for the series is the psychology of music, broadly defined. Topics include:

  • musical development at different ages;
  • exceptional musical development in the context of special educational needs;
  • musical cognition and context;
  • culture, mind and music;
  • micro to macro perspectives on the impact of music on the individual (such as from neurological studies through to social psychology);
  • the development of advanced performance skills;
  • affective perspectives on musical learning.

The series is intended to present the implications of research findings for a wide readership, including user-groups (music teachers, policy makers, parents), as well as the international academic and research communities. The distinguishing features of the series will be this broad focus (drawing on basic and applied research from across the globe) under the umbrella of Sempre's distinctive mission, which is to promote and ensure coherent and symbiotic links between education, music and psychology research.

The series editors (Welch, Ockelford and Cross) welcome further proposals for publication. Please contact one of the series editors or Ashgate if you have a proposal that might fit with the aims of the new series.

Information and guidelines for proposal submissions are available on Routledge's Website.